Sunday, April 01, 2007

Laughter’s The Best Medicine

We was a’watchin’ some homemade movies recently and the memries was just a laugh a minute. One in particlar showed one of ours when she was just a lil 4 year old playin’ soccer. She’d run around a’followin’ the pack not knowin’ much what to do. She stopped several times to pull up her socks – it was sorta a fettish for her at that age. Anyways, as we all laughed, I also was payin’ attention to the talk goin’ on between the siblings. I think they all enjoyed her looking silly but she just had to make sure they understood that they were worse than that. I hate to tell ya but most kids don’t know much about the mechanics o’ soccer when they’s only 4. So, to say anything about the others was just a waste o’ breath. Why she couldn’t just laugh like the rest o’ them did when they were shown a’doin’ silly things just beat me. Mammy and I have tried ta teach all our younguns to laugh at theirselves ‘cause it beats cryin’. Hopefully this one can learn that lesson sometime afore she gets out in the real world.