Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Adobe - McDonalds of the 21st Century

Do you remember a time when McDonalds wouldn't let you order a hamburger any special way, you had to take it the way they made it? Do you remember how Burger King responded? "Have It Your Way" was the line and Burger King found themselves quickly eatin' (pun intended) into McDs market share.

Well, Adobe is now copyin' McDs, only in the software arena. If you buy one of their product suites and then later, want to upgrade just one program because that's the one you need to upgrade now, you have to either upgrade the entire suite or buy the complete retail version of the one product. No ifs, ands, or buts.

Then, try to complain about it. Their customer service line leads to an outsourced company that doesn't handle feedback or complaints unless they are product related - which mine wasn't. (To them, anyway) I was told to go to the "Feedback" section of their web site. The only thing is, my feedback didn't fit into any of the offered categories. Even though I did finally choose a couple of them and sent feedback, I am sure those departments just deleted it since it didn't have anythin' to do with their jobs.

Some day, a "Burger King" will come along and offer their software packages by holdin' the pickle, holdin' the lettuce so we don't have to be upset and then Adobe will have to get down off'n its high throne and acknowledge us lowly customers. Until then, I'll just have to live with my lower version and hope I can get by.