Friday, April 14, 2006

Keep Your Skepticism to Yourself

The world may be full of skepticism but I am a true believer in miracles. It seems me and the Missus were transporting our brood to the far northern reaches of this great country when our buggy began to function improperly. It seems that our 16-year-old had put the horses on autopilot and somehow, they got stuck in a fast pace. She tried to coax them to slow down and then got almost durn-right mean with them, but all to no avail. Finally, she succeeded in unhitching them. (Read, turned the ignition off)

Well, we sat there, in the middle of nowhere (any that have been to Montana can confirm that there is a lot of "nowhere" to find.) trying to figger what was wrong and what to do next. I tried to start them horses up again several times to see if they were done tuckered out and willing to continue at a more leisurely pace but without proper results. Being mechanically inclined is not my strongest characteristic so when the idea came so suddenly into my head to check the throttle to see if it was stuck, I was struck with amazement. I had no idea if I could even find it but more to my amazement, it ended up being there right in front of me. I easily got it unstuck and then the horses were magically transformed into docile, obedient animals.

One of the younguns then said a prayer, invoking help that the poor animals would continue on performing as needed for the duration of our journey. Came to pass as sure as Dogpatch is a breeding ground for skeeters. Now, all you skeptics out there, hold yer tongues because I believe it was one more chalked up to the Big Guy Upstairs (no disrespect intended).

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Pappy steps out

I must step out of my normal character to share something very significant to me. This weekend being conference weekend, I looked forward with much anticipation to the various inspiring presentations in speech, music and prayer. Like all LDS faithful, I have been anxious also to see and hear Pres. Hinkley - to bask once again in the glow of his love and concern. After his surgery (which we found out was his first stay in the hospital - ever in his life), I think we were all hopeful to hear him again.

It was so wonderful to hear the strength of his message and to partake of his humor - as if nothing had happened. While I didn't find it necessary to "listen more intently" to his messages this time as counseled by a recent e-mail, I gladly soaked up his message like the parched desert soil drinks in a rain.

While God has provided the means for each of us to receive our own personal revelation, there is something special about hearing and feeling the messages given by God through his especially appointed and annointed servant, the prophet. And, what a great comfort it is to know that even if this happens to be Pres. Hinkley's last conference with us, there will be another living oracle of God already in place to continue the process, keeping open that sacred conduit to heaven.