Thursday, June 21, 2007

There and Back Again - Whoops, Already Taken

Well, we just recently returned from a nice, but short, vacation in Coeur d'Alene (or as one daughter put it, Quarter Lane), ID, thanks to my fabulous company, Pacific Steel & Recyclin'. It was manager meetin' time and the Company puts up all the managers and their families in a nice resort for a few days. We had some meetin's of course but also plenty of play time.

I think the highlight for our girls was the day at Silverwood Theme Park where they got a small fillin' of roller coaster and other attraction ridin'. Unfortunately for me and the missus, we was both sick with the runs. Now, just imagine to yerself ridin' on one of them coasters or rides that goes round n' round. Then you git off and yer insides say to you, "git on over to the outhouse before you splat yer pants." And each time, what seems like gallons of smelly dirt-filled water comes a'jettin' out of yer be-hind.

You keep hopin' the other folks in there leave before you come out so as to avoid their stares as they wonder if you're just raisin' up from the dead, all pale and stinky.

Well, things continued through that night (which made for very little rest of already exhausted bodies), all the while we knew we was facin' a 5 hour drive home the next day. Both of us was prayin' hard that things would settle down so's we wouldn't hafta stop 20 times along the way.

Thankfully, our prayers was answered and we made it home with nary a problem. I have to say, I have never in all my born days had such an episode. I do feel like a disclaimer is needed though - even with all the squattin' and squirtin', the vacation was great thanks to good kids and a swell (gee whiz Wally) company.

BTW - if you've never found yerself in the vicinity of Coeur d'Alene, it's a beautiful place.