Sunday, June 25, 2006

Reewards - Part 2

Well, now it's on to another lesson learnt during the move process. Moving into a brand new shack, Mammy wanted one of them new front-loading washer and dryer sets - no more scrub boards and hand wringing. We bought a set from down south and brought it up here ourselves. This meant me setting up the critters myself. Didn't seem too much of a chore, just make sure the little feet on them didn't do no rockin or anything like that. Make them nice and solid.

Well, I accomplished that feat. We had our first batch in the washer - things seemed to be going well when all of a sudden, we heard the loudest banging noise - bout scared the britches right off'n me. I ran to see what was causin such a commotion and was astounded to see that washer just a-bouncing and a-skittering cross the floor like a polecat possessed. I shut er down and scratched my head - what could the matter be? I pulled out the owners manual (yeah, go figger I hadn't done that afore) and it said the washer had to be real level.

So, I spent the next 3 hours fightin to get it level. It would be pretty close so I would try it only to have it start bouncing again. I actually got it perfectly level, more level than the plains of Kansas, and it still bucked like a horse with a burr under the saddle. I had to quit for the night.

When we finally got back to it, Mammy ended up calling a local appliance place and explained the problem. The fellow about busted a gut - not at our expense, just that he has received at least a call a week about this problem. It seems there are some packing bolts that have to be removed before running the washer. Nobody from the place where we purchased the machine had mentioned anything about bolts. So, I removed them and bingo - the washer works like a charm. One thing though, I'll bet I have the most level washer in the entire United States, if not the world.

Moving Reewards - Part 1

Movin', while full of reewards, contains some definite defining moments. This move to the far reaches of our beloved United States has been no different. Permit me to do some splainin.

One thing I learnt good this time has to do with furniture. Mammy Yokum has this kitchen table she is right fond of. Well, the table had a few white spots on the finish (I thought they gave the table character) and she kindly requested a refinish job. I, being the kind, loving husband I am, proceeded to acquiesce (I know, yer all thinkin "we're not but humble Dogpatch citizens - well, think Pirates) before the family arrived in Great Falls.

Having previous experience with refinishing a coffee table, I approached the project with some trepidation. (I know, all these big words - it's a wonder what a little "Big Sky" air will do for a feller.) Anyway, Mammy had talked with a friend who suggested a certain product that worked faster and slicker than Abner at mealtime. I proceeded to use said concoction, spreading and rubbing according to the directions. After a couple of days and countless hours of frustration, I turned to a "stronger" stripper - something so strong it could take the skin off'n a razorback hog in seconds. Again, more and more hours. Finally, I procured me one of them new-fangled, fancy electric sanders. Whew, that finally did the job!

Now it was time for the finish. At least this part was less frustratin'. I put on 3 coats and then the table seemed ready for use. By this time, we were all moved up and had invited some guests to share in a scrumptuous meal. We brought the table in the house as dinner continued in the making. Just as things were getting to the good part, (that would be the eating stage) the little jiggly thing on the pressure cooker came shooting off and super hot potato water started shooting out all over. Some, of course, landed on the table. NNNooooooooooo! Potential ruination of my long labors! Fortunately, it didn't turn out too bad - I just sanded those parts a little and reapplied some finish coat. The next day, voila, the table was finished and yours truly received some great compliments. Not that I'm hunkerin to go out and try that again. The most important lesson I learnt in this episode is that if Mammy ever gits to suggestin refinishing furniture, I's gonna find someone else to do it for me. The money will be well spent considering the agony and frustration I won't have to go through.