Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Wasteland of Politics

I find politics to be an intriguin’ yet disgustin’ display of playground theatrics. It’s so ridiculous how candidate number one will spew all kinds of misquotes and lies about candidate number two only to be followed by number two tellin’ us all how number one is being very dishonest in their campaign. This is then followed by an ad where number two returns the favor, trouncin’ on number one with half-truths and innuendo. And you think to yerself, “Didn’t I just hear number two a’hollerin’ about that kind of behavior?”

And once it gets started, it just escalates. Each one findin’ anything to jab at while always maintainin’ his/her own innocence. Constant finger pointin’ at ta other, accusin’ each other of lies and mistruths. Why can’t they just stick to the issues and let us all know where they stand on each one, not where the other candidate stands? And don’t forget about us, the poor deviants who readily believe all the lies about one candidate but none of them about our favorite. All those are absolute falsehoods, yet all bad things said about the other candidate are clearly all true. And that’s between members of the same political party. Course they always find ways to make up with each other – the winner of the primary will quickly call upon the runner up and ask him/her to be a runnin’ mate.

Perhaps if they cut out all the perks and lavish lifestyles, capped spendin’ on political races, and put term limits on every political office as well as total amount of time any one person can spend in a career in politics, then perhaps you would get more servants servin’ the people and less career-minded, greedy, power-hungry leeches a’findin’ ways to serve their own self interests. But who am I to suggest such mighty changes, I’m just a lowly citizens of the lowliest place in the US of A, Dogpatch.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Dilemma Of Too Much Evidence

Over the past coupla years, there has been a lot of discussion concernin’ that global warmin’ thing. Seems there’s scientists on each side of the issue with enough data on their respective sides to fill football stadiums, or so it would seem.

So, I was a’sittin’ back and a’thinkin’, how can that be? What’s a poor fella like me supposed to do? How in tarnation can we find out what the truth is in these matters? If both sides have so much evidence, how can you logically dismiss one argument and take the side of the other?

As you can tell, I am not totally on one side or the other. Here in Dogpatch USA, we do try to recycle whatever material we can and also take steps to cut waste and energy use. I think it’s the right thing to do, even if you believe global warmin’ is just a nice scare tactic. Perhaps all ya’ll can help. Tell me what you think.