Sunday, May 27, 2007

Late Mothers' Day

In view of Mothers' Day a couple of weeks ago, I thought I would share a moment when I waxed poetic. It doesn't happen very often so hopefully you'll enjoy.

Mother’s Wisdom

Years of toil
And work unknown
Create the figure
Of wisdom sown

Lines and edges
Properly grown
From raising legacies
Of her own.

And tho at times
The years weigh down
And memory fails
Producing a frown.

There’s still those words
Of calming peace
And encouragement
Given freely to each.

Advice tendered carefully
Tempered with love
Whispers of hope
From heav’n above.

Will always remain
As treasure to me
The picture of faith
I’d like to be.

The years will continue
To crease and define
In wisdom’s abode
My mother, divine.