Thursday, February 14, 2008

Customer Relations Disaster

Recently, the Great Falls Explorers (CBA basketball team) has experienced some financial troubles includin’ not bein’ able to meet payroll and not payin’ rent on the facility in which they play home games. The owner of the team is a guy by the name of Michael Tuckman. Now, I’m all fer givin’ a guy a break when he’s a’runnin’ into money problems if’n he’s a’tryin to make things right. Turns out, he totally refuses to pay any of the back rent he owes. He even got kinda snooty when he was interviewed by the press concerning this problem. So, I wrote him an e-mail expressin’ my disappointment. I found his reply to be very unprofessional and lacking in judgment. I have included the conversation below in its entirety.

Disappointed? Gee, I'll try and go on with my life.

Michael Tuckman
President and General Manager
Great Falls Explorers
400 3rd St. NW

Great Falls, MT 59405
Office: (406)216-3033
Cell: (406) 750-7148

Quoting Xxx :

Mr. Tuckman:

The record of poor payment of salaries and expenses incurred by the Explorers is just poor business. When I read that now you are not paying for the facility the team was contracted to, I was dumbfounded. Bad arena contract or not, when you bought the team,

the contract was already in place and I assume you knew that. If not, you didn't complete any due diligence. Your organization is giving Great Falls a bad reputation with your failure to meet your financial obligations. I, for one, choose to not do business with an

organization that has such low ethical standards. So, I won't be buying any tickets nor will I be sponsoring your team in any way.

A disappointed fan

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Go Mitt!

Well, usns here in Dogpatch saw to it that Mitt Romney won the delegates here. Well, actually, none of us lower folks even got to vote at all. It was just the party leadership. All the same, I was awfully proud that they picked the right candidate.

It was kinda funny how I heard lots a folks talkin that they liked what Mitt had to say and he didn't even campaign here. There's some right sensible folk here in Dogpatch, down ta' earth types that generally don't go for none of that high falootin' jibber jabber most politicians are famous for. I think they saw right through the garbage and made a good choice. Just wish the rest of the country would see it that way.