Thursday, August 31, 2006

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Or not. Recently, I had the portunity to be a spectator at a semi-pro baseball type game. Here in Dogpatch, them’s the big times. Anyways, at the end of the game, the players from the winnin’ team (this would be the home team on this occasion) all congregated (word of the day) in the middle of the infield a’givin’ each other high-fives, etc.

Now, I’m not complainin’ bout people a-celebratin’ when there’s a victry. But, what happened to the good ole sportsmanship practice of high-fivin’ the other team and sayin’ “Good game”? This ritual of congratulatin’ yerselves only has been goin’ for some time in major league baseball and I don’t cotton much to it. These are supposed to be our children’s heroes. How are our kids supposed to learn about good sportsmanship when their idols don’t demonstrate a lick of it? It’s just plain ole good manners to say somethin’ kindly to the opposin’ team when yer done. I guess it says something bout the state of our country when the national pastime has lost any sense of the good it used to be.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Can't We All Just Get Along?

I recently read an article posted on KSL's web site about the state of Utah having the highest birthrate in the nation. Well, duh! And they drew the conclusion that part of the reason can be tied to the LDS Church. Another big duh!!!! Since when is any of this newsworthy? On the web site, a person can add comments to a story. This one had over two hundred! People screaming about how stupid it is for Mormons to always have big families and making the rest of the population support those kids through taxes etc. Then, of course you have the heated rebuttals and back and forth they go.

First, LDS people tend to have a very different view of children and their worth in a family unit. We also believe that God made the world with sufficient resources to sustain all His children that need to come to the earth. I am sick of people telling me how big of a family I should have. I don't try to tell them they should have more kids.

Second, while I don't have a problem with people posting a rebuttal, the least they could do is use kindness and empathy (read - understand their point of view) and stop calling names and acting like their opinion is the only one that matters. Of all the people on the earth, we have a greater responsibility to act Christ-like in all we do.

Hold On To Your Turban, Kid!

The world is now a better place! Yours truly was interviewed today to be on the news. No, not because of some crimnal activities. I knows what you'alls were a'thinkin'. My company has recently gone through a new image campaign complete with one of them new logos. The station wanted to interview me to find out all the whys, wheres and what-fers. So, now, my fabulous mug is a'gonna fly cross them airwaves and into the homes of millions - ok, maybe hunners of thousands - ok, ok, maybe tens of thousands - yes, we are in Montana and I'm a'talkin' bout the local news, one of the stations people don't cotton much to so maybe thousands. Well, in case you haven't caught on, I am jokin bout this being some great thing. The interview was even somewhat of a joke. That there girl that came to do the interview hadn't done no research. She asked me why we was a'changin the name of the company. Hello, it's a logo change, not no name change. Then she asks me when we're a'gonna launch the new logo. Again, hello!!! It has been over a month since we started runnin' commercials, billboards, etc and several of the branches already have new signage up. Git er straight, young lady. So tune in to see me finally find my way to stardom. There ya have it - Pappy Yokum has finally hit the big time!