Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Playground is Getting Crowded

Being from Dogpatch, I don't claim to understand a lot about current world affairs. One thing in particular that has me itchin to write about is what's agoin' on between Israel and the rest of the Middle East. Seems to me that this time around, things are afixin to be messer than usual.

Israel has always had a bee in the bonnet, being surrounded by neighbors that don't much care for them. But this time, there are other things at work that make for a much trickier situation. For instance, the USA is having a hard time in Iraq and many in the Muslim world are just itching for a reason to side with others against the USA. Iran is trying to develop nuclur weapons but is being harassed by the U.N. (and of course the USA). Iran is even pressing the rumor that the USA is readying for an invasion of Iran. More fuel to the fire.

North Korea is playing with missiles and nuclur warheads, also claimin to bein' bullied by the USA. Everyone knows the USA is right friendly with Israel and all of this adds up to a fire hotter than Dogpatch tar in the middle of August. (Course, Dogpatch ain't got no tarred roads but you'all get the picture.)

I don't know about you, but I think perhaps there's agunna be a lotta folks gettin invited to the playground to take care of the bully and his younger brother. So, what do you say? I'd be much obliged to hear your comments on this.

Whatever You Do, Don't Look In The Mirror

Have you ever had someone tell you something that just devestated your own view of yourself? Perhaps you think of yourself as really good at something and then along comes someone who would obviously be able to tell you if you are good at said thing and totally unsolicited makes a comment that ruins your assumption? Let me tell you, I doesn't feel good.

"How could this be?!!! " you scream in your head. Perhaps it is something you "thought" you had made a conscious effort to develop as part of your character. How do you now pick up the pieces of who you are and continue life as normal? Well, I reeeeeeallly want this attribute to be a part of who I am so I guess it is back to the old drawing board. Images of Wiley Coyote dance across the stage of my mind.